Installing baseboard receptacles

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For this installation of baseboard receptacles throughout the 2nd floor of a 4-bedroom home on Kingsessing Ave. in West Philadelphia, I ran 1/2″ EMT out of basement foundation walls, up the 2-story twin’s exterior and then branching via UF cable to individual baseboard locations to serve window air conditioning (window AC) units, or other high-priority grounding / high priority power quality loads, such as computers or entertainment systems to be protected by multi-outlet surge suppressors.

EMT tubular conduit (raceway) provides physical protection where the wiring method is exposed just above grade coming out of the basement. Type UF cable provides sunlight and weather resistance run exposed outside the 2nd floor. Although this wiring method minimizes intrusion (and possible plaster damage that can involve dust and dusty repairs), running exterior wiring also involves work on ladders, and can often cost more, even though it appears simpler.


Note the number of tools, some specialized, used in the installation. This task is not the trickiest electrical installation, but you might want to think twice about DIY, here, when an electrician using good tools can do it in 1/2 your time, cleaner, and probably for not much more money, once you count tool acquisition and runs to the hardware store for something you didn’t remember or know you needed.


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  • Wiring Simplified is an outstanding book for both veteran electrical installers and new homeowners looking to save a bit by tackling easier projects, including the installation of receptacles in existing and new locations in all manner of finish surface materials. I got my copy at Home Depot ten years ago and I’m still using techniques learned from it.

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